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Tillandsia/Airplants - An air of mystery

Tillandsia/Airplants - An air of mystery

Posted by Janes Struweg on 27th Nov 2018

Strange yet beautiful, airplants are intriguing and mesmerising

Super low maintenance makes these botanicals ideal throughout the home and garden


Part of the Bromeliad family, Tillandsias comprise more than 550 species, and are mostly found naturally in the southern Americas. Their exotic appearance and ability to survive without soil makes them ideal for in-home use, and this also makes them versatile for displaying in unique ways, absent of soil and water.

For best results in creating a stunning effect, try grouping a selection of varieties together to create an arresting display. With their range of simple and architectural shapes and forms, their graphic form has an ageless quality and will suit most interiors. Pair your display with a mix of materials and textures in the kitchen, living room or bedroom - or for the happiest plants the bathroom is very well suited. With the ambient air moisture being higher - it more closely resembles the natural habitat in the bathroom. Just ensure that they get plenty of indirect, bright light.

FOR MAINTENANCE, these leafy growths prefers a 2 weekly spray with a mister, or you could dip the entire plant in water for a couple of minutes fo a good soak, shaking off the excess water when complete. They really despise sitting in water, and will display sign of rot within a week or two if there is too much water present.

Because of their low maintenance requirements, airplants make great additions to terrariums - an enclosed or semi-enclosed vessel - and in conjunction with a few pieces of driftwood, rocks etc, makes for beautiful centrepieces.

AT TASSELS, we’ve used our diamond festive tree decorations as cages to create a miniature hanging garden - the greens and greys of the tillandsias go well with either the silver, gold or rose gold. The wireframe graphic look of the the diamonds also complement the structural form of the plants. For striking effect, use either one, or a groupling in multiple colourways. These also look terrific as part of your your festive spread as alternative to flowers and oversized leaves.