What is, and what are the uses a Chiminea Patio Fireplace Heater

What is, and what are the uses a Chiminea Patio Fireplace Heater

Posted by Janes Struweg on 16th Feb 2019

Clay chimineas make a great addition to nearly any patio, especially if you’re looking for a bit of something with south american flair to spice up your decor. Their design originates from traditional Spanish and Mexican influences where they were used for cooking, heating and light. Due to their historical nature, replicas are constructed from the same Terracotta clay as the originals, making them the perfect canvas for an abundance of unique designs and colors for all tastes.

Chimineas makes a great decorative patio centerpiece, which is useful and adds that authentic feel of true Terracotta clay, giving you that sense of rustic flair and hand made quality.

Adding beautiful dancing flames to your winter-kuiers - makes it hard to go wrong with a traditional clay chiminea.

Aside from the sheer elegance of traditional clay chimineas, there are many factors making them superior to aluminium and cast iron counterparts.

One of the first and most important considerations are the significant cost savings you get by purchasing a clay chiminea when compared to a similar sized metal chiminea. In most cases you can expect to save 30%-50% if you choose the clay option. This is mainly due to low material costs associated with Terracotta and simpler fabrication techniques.

Clay chimineas also have a big advantage when it comes to heat retention and safety. Clay in general is a great insulator and hence prevents the body of the chiminea from getting extremely hot. Most of the heat is directed either outward through the feeding cavity, or up the chimney providing excellent airflow, warming capabilities and less risk of an accidental burn. Don’t try touching a cast iron chiminea in use and expect to be a happy camper.

Another great reason to choose a traditional clay chiminea is they don’t require intricate assembly. Usually made as a one, two, or thee-piece stack-up piece, they're ready to go as soon as they are in place. This construction, combined with the lightweight clay makes them much easier to move than similar aluminum and cast iron units, should you wish to store it during the warmer summer months.

Finally, and for some people most importantly, clay chimineas are just as safe on wooden decks as they are on concrete slabs. The clay insulates the bottom of the fire bowl and prevents the wood from bursting into flames. Not to mention they produce no stains on surfaces beneath the bowl and have very few metal components that could potentially rust.


High-temperature fired terracotta clay

Usually in 1, 2, or 3 stackable parts

Metal stand to elevate off the ground

Lid to keep rain out


Decorative piece

Heating source

Cooker on top of chimney (single pot or kettle)

Some models supplied with grid to use as BBQ

Safer than open flames

At Tassels, we stock stock a variety of sizes, shape and colours of chiminea to complement your patio, garden or stoep. 

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